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Bet365Bookmaker BWIN – joint-stock company, whose shares are traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange. It is considered the most well-known company engaged in online gambling games. Information on the business activities of the company is available at The Company boasts a gaming base of 20 million members worldwide who enjoy all portfolio of gaming products, including online casinos, gambling or sports betting.
In BWIN group employs 1,400 people, 800 of them directly in Vienna. the company’s turnover for last year was incredible 800 million euros, of which 200 million fell on sports betting. Group long-term sponsoring famous clubs such as Real Madrid or Bayern Munich, and is present on mototsiklovom MotoGP.

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Bookmaker BWIN offers the widest range of unique sporting events that can be bet. It is also one of the best bookmakers for Live betting. Betting can be done on all the European matches, not only in the first league, Bet365 also offers a large number of football games betting types (Winner, OVER / UNDER, etc.). The same is true of the hockey, you can put as all European hockey games, and the overseas NHL. In other sports it is worth mentioning a wide offer betting on tennis and basketball.

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BWIN is a bookmaker for amateur players. exchange rate hovered at ~ 91.5%, and the rates at the double event in 1.91 – 1.91 refer to the average among bookmakers. Since bookmaker focuses more on recreational players, you can quickly reach the limit of the size of bets that can limit the number of more experienced players. But if you do not put tens of thousands, then BWIN bookmaker for you right choice.

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FK Mladá Boleslav – Dukla Praha 1:0

Italy Soccer Serie AMlada Boleslav managed to triumph next game and at least a few hours moves to head the league. Dukla was by no means the worst team, but the home got a lesson in productivity. Branka Stanislava Sausages had fallen practically the only chance we have created a home.

You could say that Dukla was even better team, but the network Divis scored not once nerozvlnila. After 6 minutes, holding out Néstor and just a tiny bit overplayed. The same player then a moment later tried ending with scissors, but the ball is again among didnt succeed. Opening minutes were perhaps a little surprising Dukla, but after 18 minutes had to deal with guests penetration before the own goal and eventually Milosevic with the Council ward off danger. In the 38th minute again warmed Pieces Mares and center-back Da Silva just so-so on the balloon reached. More viewers in the first half seen. Neither team had downright top, so goalless first half can be assessed as fair.

Even in the second half, the game did not change the picture. Shooting attempts TETOUR and Olayinka was taken off after 69 minutes and Energybet bonus bricked his opportunity and array having. Closer to the victory was finally Dukla eleven minutes before the end showed an interesting individual event newcomer Dominik Preisler, in a good position but missed the goal! Fifteen minutes before the end of the home crowd garnered long-awaited moment on the lawn because he ran returnee Marek Matejovsky.

The match went slowly to bezbrankovému end when a thunderbolt struck home. Mares conjured up a precise cross to criminally unoccupied Stanislav sausages and that virtually the only chance Boleslav decided! For Dukla it was very cruel moment, but even those moments of football brings. Mlada Boleslav a tight lead the rest of the match in cool and defended at least until the final whistle of the match Zlín moves to head the league.

1. FK Příbram – 1. FC Slovácko 0:1

Sportingbet RussiaФутболистам Прайбрам потерял следующую игру, и их позиция в нижней части таблицы остается неизменной. Сражаясь Словацко был шанс, но в конце концов, пал гостей. За десять минут до конца хит Томаса потока.

Зрители смотрели в Литавка очень близко матча, ни одна команда взяла верх и, к сожалению, ни один вратарь был слишком много работы. Единственный шанс в первой половине создали высокий мяч домой Прайбрам Майтан взял Бранднер, но tutovce ударил как раз для пинков.

С другой стороны CIVIC даже удалось забить гол, но за предыдущий фол Koného могут быть признаны. Даже в установленное время первого тайма, хозяева требовали пенальти в его собственном пропущенного Reinberk играл рукой, но реф nepískal.

Станислав Леви второй половины подготовил одну замену. Фрэнсис вышел из игры и заменил его Koného Томас Зайца. До 65-й минуты Словацко попал в большие возможности Tregler ошибку и буквально помазал Civic, который не только попал в грушу. На 70-й минуте, повернуть лихо выпустила Юнибет новый человек на поле Hare, он представил ОКО пройти и он топнул его палкой! Прибрам также разработал большой шанс, но Трапп возглавил следующий. Пршибрам вдохов для натиска, Pilík в другой хороший шанс Словацко и не сразу наказывали. Jaroslav Divis вел быстрый отрыв, отправленное на волю случая и Томаса ТОК он послал за десять минут до конца Словацко вперед

Heartbroken домой не удалось восстановить эту цель, чтобы среагировать. Устанавливая больше Бранднер, но HECA не разжиться проблемы.


Fastav Zlín – FK Jablonec 2:2

football-sportHis experienced team cobblers literally fled the gravedigger shovel. Seven more minutes before losing by two goals and it seemed that this year’s first defeat misses when in quick succession enforce Vukadinović and Haris Harba. Jablonec way to win enough nor dvougólové leadership.

The beginning of the match from both sides altogether prudent, but it did not stop the audience to see the chances for both sides. The first one worked out a Zlin, namely Haris Harba that from a slight angle to Hruby sent off a cannon shot, and he had set off for a corner kick! On the other hand, he got to shoot Mihálik and also Dostal had set off for a corner kick. In 39 minutes homemade cobblers in trouble. Jiráčkův kick hit the smoked head and Haris Harba miserably scored an own goal! Before the half could compare Janíček, but missed the goal with his head.

Zlín after the first half was losing 0: 1 and with this result certainly was not going to accept it. But your chances threw and threw. Pazderův Shot cross Jablonec had made a proper defense and worries for a while Diop from a clear position beside the head. 53 minutes sent to Hruby hilarious blow Matějov, but the state will remain unchanged.

Cobblers were in the second half much better team, they created pressure, but not there and not fall. Kopečný ferret Rough and when Diop got the ball into the net, waving the offside. Zlín your chances away and twenty minutes before the end came second penalty. Pospíšil just found Mihalik, who shot underneath the crossbar to increase the lead away team. Zlin was very close to the first defeat.

Wards coach of panic, however, even in this situation not to give up. Hajek’s shot ended up on the bar, and soon Vukadin Vukadinović Ševce returned to play for points. Vukadinović got on the ball after a corner kick and burned everything in its path. A cobblers still rushed. In the 87th minute he found the head of Haris Pazdera Harby, who atoned for previous Patriots level at 2: 2nd Domestic literally fled the gravedigger shovel and the rest still thinking of three points. Zlin pressure was overwhelming adjustment, but overall fifth goal in the match no longer fall. For guests still saw the red card striker Dolezal.

Slavia Praha – MFK Karviná 1:0

lewandowskiЭто следовало ожидать. Славия Карвины в конце концов подавить, но это было большое горе. В Эдеме не играл долгое время без забитых до пятнадцати ставки минут до того, как домой толпа приветствовала Muris Mešanović. Славия под Šilhavým снова выиграл и снова, это было с четким счета.

Slávističtí футболистами в первой половине разработана и в подавляющем большинстве случаев в основном за счет вратарь Лаштувка забить даже один остался неизменным. Карвины поставить под угрозу Slavia цель как раз в начале матча, но в итоге Янечек оторвало. Потом он начал катиться Karvina одну атаку за другой. Несколько раз имел солидную огневую позицию Hušbauer, прямо рядом с ставки на спорт головой Frydrych и Барака удар пришелся refleivně упомянутого Laštůvka. Через полчаса игры взрывных работ на дом Карвинского цели, как он мог, но Laštůvka был очень внимателен. Провалился в 42.minutě Мингазов, чтобы он ушел в перерыв при счете 0: 0-й

Преобладание Slavia было значительным, и было ясно, что она Карвины не может долго стоять. Вторая половина была отмечена тем же духом. Мингазов Лаштувка снова непревзойденными! Наступление сшиваются тогда он еще онемели и пока 74.minutě снова после того, как долгое время не уволил Frydrych.

Карвины сделал, наконец, просто упал. В 77.minutě росы Škodova выстрел отскочил к Mesanovic, который стал как герой в матче дерби! До тех пор пока задолженность гостей калитка не проснулся и пытался спортивные ставки компенсировать Jurčo и Павленко, который был все время без работы, он должен был вмешаться. Славия заключение драматизировать матч не позволил скудный победа защищал и продолжил выигрышную дерби.

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Zbrojovka Brno – Sparta Praha 3:3

Spain Soccer Europa LeagueLots of wild game experienced Brno. Zbrojovka hosted on home soil Sparta and after the result 3: 3 extended its home unbeaten. Conversely Sparta on the result against Inter and the league did not make her missing the boat.

Zbrojovka experienced a great start to the match, after only four minutes had scored the leading goal Michal Skoda as well Kadlec wrapped around a ground shot broke Koubek. She subsequently raced into a hundred percent chance Reznicek and Sparta saved the crossbar! Sparta began to threaten the opponent’s goal after fifteen minutes, Dočkalův kick vybooval Melichárek and Mazuch header ended wide. Guests will finally leveling up in 34.minutě when the balloon facing away Mazuch and got its shot at the rod broke Melichárek!

Subsequently played přelávala from side to side and three minutes before going into the locker room turned the score in favor of Sparta Bořek Dočkal! National team midfielder Melichárek beautifully draped.

Spartan leadership may not last long. Shortly after the change of sides played in lime hand Mazuch and uncompromising judges whistled a penalty kick. Jakub Reznicek but shot too tightened and the goal never missed. On the other hand, it could punish Karavajev, but one hundred percent chance folded. Sparta could ultimately decide the game several times, but as if he did not want to. Unused chance Letna then ten minutes before the punishing Přichystal James, who went behind the lime exactly the goalpost!

Both teams wanted to win and have continued in the squandering of great opportunities. A great chance did not even Lafata, but eventually it Sparta, he still worked there. Michal Kadlec sent to the back bar beautiful waist and Matthew Pulkrab cool hit the exposed goal. Guests but even that could not hold a lead on the last possible chance to let his opponent to score. All caused corner kick that Sparta was unable to avert, and Alois Hyčka closed the final result 3: 3rd

Någon annan dag dödläge bronsmedaljören

Någon annan dag i konfrontation mellan brons-medaljör av den förra säsongen med de debutant i den högre Ligan skulle vara en helt vanlig tävling: turneringen intriger är liten, innehåll och manus av matchen är att gissa, i Allmänhet, lätt, och även kan resultatet inte särskilt orolig. Men söndagen den 11: e är ett specialfall, eftersom fyra dagar efter matchen med Tula team “Zenit” som spelas i Israel i den första omgången av gruppspelet i Europa League.

Fans av “Höjdpunkt”, med en trevlig nostalgisk reminiscing dohnalkova en tid söndag kväll som om öppnas en gammal bok med en vacker legend. En legend om den tid då fotbolls-laget lockade publik med olika kombinationer, attackerande instinkt och kreativa passion. När alla spelare var konstnärer, som istället för att duken var ett område, i stället för en pensel – bollen. Med hjärnorna i ansiktet av Andrey Arshavin, och sedan Miguel Danny, de skrev en Generell bild zenitovskogo fotboll. Ljusa, luftiga, romantisk. Men snart sin verkstad blev Hulken, och gav honom sina tofsar, blir bara vingen, producerar för honom, måla eller skapa nya material. Hulken är den enda kvar som har bidragit till bilden av innehåll, att det led i processen, allt var byggt runt honom. Men han lämnade snabbt verkstad, och assistenter än en gång hade vi till att bli artister. Sedan vände de sig till guiden Mircea Lucescu, som gradvis har återlöst dem från alcosuisse tillbaka dem till den kreativa gåva. Match med Arsenal äntligen avslöjat att legenden äntligen blev verklighet, och i “Zenit” kom tillbaka laganda.

För att kontrollera detta, bara se i Protokollet från mötet. Fem assist var med sju olika spelare. Någon skickar någon i sin egen stängt, någon skott från utanför boxen, någon bröt sig in i det och tog en straff. Sådana som jag definitivt behöver för att hitta ett pass till Hulk, och han kommer att tänka på något, som inte kände: varje kände inom sig själv rätten att skapa nytta för dem själva eller deras partner.

Från den första minuten blå-vit-blå har tagit ökad fart och rusade fram. Den spelare som har försökt att spela i dessa villkor, även skapade ett par farliga stunder, men mer ofta de träffades trycket med en konsekvent urval av bollen. Zenit har vunnit mer än 60% av combat och med samma indikator i besittning av bollen dominerade i varje område av fältet.

Mittbackar nästan inte peretasoval med varandra, som ibland är karakteristisk för rysk fotboll, och gav bollen framåt till utveckling. Samtidigt som mottagaren kan vara en partner, även om förra säsongen att de oftast visade sig vara Hulken. Kompletterande försvarare också kom inte tillbaka projektil tillbaka, och komma upp med hur man ska få honom att anfalla. Ja, risken för förlust i sådana fall är särskilt hög, men trots detta är andelen av korrekt överföring i Petrograd var 90% på 560 redskap.

I Allmänhet, blå-vit-blå har tillbringat nästan perfekt match. Gjorde ett snabbt mål efter paus var det redan 2:0, och transporteras sedan tre mer. Men viktigt är det faktum att deras konkurrenter hade just kommit tillbaka från Tyskland och självklart mycket lägre i klassen.

Det är värt att säga att detta spel har blivit en viktig punkt i betänkandet, inte bara för nya och ändrade “Zenith” som ett team, men för vissa spelare.

Efter övergången till den spanska “Valencia” med Ezequiel Garay i Saint-Petersburg flyttade försvarare av “Rostov -” Ivan Novoseltsev. För “Zenith” uppkomsten av den ryska Central-Oborona – händelsen är märklig. Vanligtvis chefer och tränarna litar på denna position endast till utlänningar, som på sistone har varit många, och det fanns några. I 2008, roman Shirokov har varit singel i många år av Ryssarna, som agerar i denna roll. Men inte bra, som vi alla minns frasen om “inte landslaget nivå”.

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Até no futebol a Copa do mundo de jogar duas inexistente-fabricadas

Até no futebol a Copa do mundo de jogar duas inexistente-fabricadas – Europa e América do Norte até 23 anos de idade, Yuri , e parecia como se cientistas da Europa em futebol.

Esses dias no Canadá passa de novo a Copa do mundo de hóquei no gelo. Além melhores bandas do planeta lá apresentados dois comandos-: cientistas da América do Norte e a equipe da Europa. E tanto defendem mais do que bem sucedida, e, portanto, decidimos perguntar, e parecia como se cientistas da Europa no futebol? E que faria de si mesmo representou o seu análogo, montado a partir de jogadores do resto do mundo? Vamos reunir próprio sonho-tim e ver quem é mais forte, vamos ao contrário do hóquei apenas virtualmente. Assim, sua atenção é Campeã da Europa.

O goleiro

A eslovênia não classificar o mesmo apenas de forma estável um bom equipes do Velho mundo, mas aqui estão os goleiros lá, às vezes, aparecem excelentes. Se colocarmos de lado a tão primeiros anos de carreira de Ian, é impossível não notar, tão legal como ele se mostrou: não na cabeça 0,19 perdeu gols por jogo em média, na forma de “Benfica” e, em seguida, os dois melhores da temporada em Madrid – 0,55 e 0,47 golos por jogo. No início da atual temporada de Nuvens capitulou apenas uma vez em quatro jogos. Ainda há dúvidas sobre sua candidatura?


John Stones, Inglaterra

Talvez a última temporada de “” e não tão convincente discurso na composição da equipa nacional que permite a alguns especialmente torcedores afirmar que é superestimada defensor, que não está claro por que perseguindo a melhor equipe do país. Periodicamente, acho que cada um me encontrei em um tal pensamento, mas no futebol de hoje não há jogadores de defesa, que periodicamente não errar. Basta de elite são aqueles que minimizam o número de casos ao mínimo. Esperar de John excelente estabilidade em tão tenra idade é bastante imprudente, e, no final, vamos olhar para ele rodeado de topo de gama de parceiros.

Raphaël Varane, França

É triste dizer, mas, de 23 anos, o francês passa no “mundo Real” já está na sua sexta temporada. E se os três primeiros, ele só olhava para os rapazes como um jogador de grande equipe, depois de jogar por um tempo, somente em 38 partidas, já nos dois anos seguintes, foram muito mais produtivo. Além de dados físicos, que comunicou a natureza, Rafael também é muito auto-disciplinado: seis anos de carreira, apenas oito amarelos e um cartão vermelho. Claro, Secretada, não pode ser chamado de ideal, de um zagueiro, mas um dos melhores jovens ele é exatamente.
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High pressure Tottenham – signal conquer

The anticipation of the game “Tottenham” with “Manchester city” after nisku . And with traditional. previous. After all site came two of the most secure, you to say command, APPLE, though it she stability also it is not known. Rather, the stability of leaders who are able to lose even “the”; however, this fans of British football, its but need.

So, and otherwise, Yes, spurs are a a few times, lost points, therefore then the bulls have come at white HART lane with one hundred percent the final kitchen the championship. “City” is operate the end that that, experts have been seriously emphasize the genius of PEP Guardiola. Yes, Yes, well only experts which expected arrival of one among the specifically large and also controversial and sensitive at the same time coaches planet to the British Isles. Today Mauricio showed what they last they looked like.

Have because, by the way, plans personal interesting history of history. I remember quite the ago, when the Argentine only went with the coach “Hispaniola”, obtain in the Catalan Derby against Barcelona Guardiola’s she is the perfect Victoria physicians to an equal trial. The result of the completed match – the first defeat Pepa with Manchester city. Coincidence? Well, directly speaking probably, only rich was the not to mention.

Complete the bulls won and won completely in current questions. and Also so not only individual, Sam, also and all tactically. hard tactics a priori, however match nothing professional showed just again a second stressing the rights to your vision of the game. The Foundation, which, in content, method games city.

Let’s move on to the core.

High pressure Tottenham – method conquer

Today then what kształtowano the article above. Than normally been famous for Tottenham? Correctly, initiative perfect . Complete so hugely carefully tactical trends of our time: without the large pressure anywhere. In addition, no there is determine the number of selections in the late third, very important than quantity samples these incredibly natural selection that mend high pressure. Even if you to see to bodźcu atomic the past season, verify that the two leaders – “Lester” in addition this the same Tottenham active set accent the defenders and life players attack, such when ov an individual Jamie (which, by the way, often said Claudio Ranieri) helps prevent any post.

Carrera on plane of three a new games

“Spartak” played a good match: delicate distance time, controlled the ball, and scored regularly fall music than lots earned the players blue-white-blue team. The players are disappointed, additionally strong them to meet you. When are able to understand the fact that “Zenit” Lucescu won fair and square, and the collection of judicial errors in the same meeting destroyed a person and the visual perception of the match, its procedural nature, and that is did not affect any of boss goals because as well do not doubt the correctness of the results. So, the red-and-white imagination of the audience said, “win or Draw”. And my the feeling gives a more objective assessment: “Spartak” to defeat.

in foreign free-kick and Ivanov whistled in favor visitors a were now too late to wash away the shame. of Course and escaped with eyes of pure football; capacity he among the the best matches the height of the season died in South conferences as well as intense the debate about the ignorant court of arbitration for sport. As well as through this terrible to bother with journalistic evaluation and dangerous reviews of the life-giving and accurate a play good people, whose sobriety of judgment obvious. Is Oleg Ivanovich : “Spartak’ll notice all the the world. Which made “.

Carrera on districts of three a new games tried unsuccessfully to pass the baggage of predecessor, and the judge Petrov “Petrovsky” so wonderful desecrated the coaching burden, for dubious the judge’s decision still to the fight”” what to take now fragrant the product for Moscow it is not hand.

Football mediators in Russia the characters are professionally poor, as well as time, activity show what reality that problem is a little is affordable too their evaluation. a Few years ago, Roberto Rosetti really a swamp of the Russian football, in the program “Whistle” on “NTV-Plus” even ” the specific reasons punishment and imagined for the craft hole but arrived the magic of the day day greed a proper quality arbitration office. I think that your judges with distance, securities in foreign language and stocks advancement them a bit burden – completely unnecessary classes, when all the. You only the word.

And most employed and desperate fans I kindly let an important information: the judge Sergey Ivanov – falling from Rostov. So, that don go he, the judge, don…