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He flies to a caravan with children in matches. Because of the football they would also renounce Disneyland

Bordeaux. Already the day before the match between Slovakia and Wales, Bordeaux was reddish. In the restaurants, bars, and the streets, the audience’s loud cries from the British Isles were heard. Even when entering the fan zone, which is the

We missed something, he says after the Tománek final

They did not attack Nitra this time and after six final games (final 2: 4) they were very disappointed and sad. It will be seen, now I will not say anything Vladimír Országh was disappointed on the coaching bench.He also

Canada wins an average of 6: 1. We have a chance, Cíger believes

The Slovaks will come to Slovakia tomorrow, Finland will be waiting on Sunday. Both teams did not lose even a point in the championship. Read also: Read more: No quarrels, we only have been encouraged, says Seker On Tuesday, Zena

Los Bystričans ganaron la final en la final, Košice terminó la serie ganadora

Kosice. jugadores de hockey Nitra fracasaron en volver a ejecutar Slovnaft play-off de la liga Tipsport minulosezónneho final del domingo, cuando en su propio hielo sucumbido jugador Banska Bystrica. 1: 4 en la ronda 19 del partido Duel fue después

Red Bull gave Alons a gift

Jeong. Spanish Formula 1 rider Fernando Alonso has received a great gift from his RedBull Racing team on the smoked Grand Prix of South Korea, and after winning the Jeongame brand new track, the world championship is already leading. The

US football players have suffered a shameful loss. A sad moment for American football, says the coach

BRATISLAVA. US football players after the second round of the final stage of qualification MS 2018 surprisingly last in the table of the CONCACAF zone. The coach of Jürgen Klinsmann after a 1: 2 home win with Mexico has not

Az ukránok szeretnének segíteni Fenerbahce, Turkom csak játszani a cél

Bratislava. Csoport fázisa az Európa Liga labdarúgó-hez alatt csütörtöki utolsó fordulóban a hatodik slot 24 ülésein. A játék még tizenegy helyfoglalások tavaszi šestnásťfinále BEK száma dva.Ukrajinci segíteni akar a törökök A -csoport egy angol Manchester United közel gördülő birtoklás, az

The team of Europe lost the victory in the final in three minutes, the World Cup has Canada

TORONTO. So close to the loss of Canada’s hockey players on the World Cup were not. Three minutes before the end of the regular game time led the European Team Team 1-0 thanks to the goal of Zden Kharu. Canada

Fotója a világon volt. A fiú műanyag zacskóban találkozott Messival

Doha. A történet, amely akkor kezdődött kiadói megrendítő képet öt afgán fiú igelitkovou replika mez Lionel Messi, miután az éhes happy end. Murtaz Ahmadi kedden találkozott a példaképe a katari Dohában, ahol Messi és más csillagok az FC Barcelona játszott

Loeb arrived at Slovakia Ring with a helicopter, the circuit surprised him

ORCHESTRUM. On the fourth event of the six-part FIA GT Series on the circuit of Slovakia Ring in Orechová Potôni, the nine-time world champion in the French relay Sébastien Loeb will start. On Slovakia, Ring arrived by helicopter, on Saturday