Biathlon World Cup winning Jonsson, our Kuzminová 30th


it has become a 24-year-old Swede Helena Jonssonová. To start boarded the yellow jersey Leaders of, but had the same number of points and the other a German Kati Wilhlemová. In addition Zverenky coach Uveho Müssiganga had the advantage that during the rule of crossing out the worst three results season was doing a little better than the Swede. To the last entry in the race for a two grueling they went side by side.Jonsson showed stronger nerves

But then surprisingly showed stronger nerves Jonsson, who was the only thirty starters striked all 20 targets, 8 years older and more experienced Wilhelm missed twice, and so were decided in the final cross-country circuit. Jonsson eventually finished second with a 15.1 winning Simone Hauswaldovou, Wilhelm finished sixth. Both racer finally had the same number of points. About the profits of large crystal globe for the first time in history, he held a larger number of its victories. Witnesses enjoyed in season four, a German “only” three times.Third caught up to the finish Sunday’s race another a German Andrea Henkelová.

Anastasia Kuzminová representing Slovakia started well and the first item for a managed properly. On the other, however, the Vice World Championship in February, South Korean Pyeongchang missed three targets and fell in the 30-member starting gate until the beginning of the last dozens of competitors. After the third shooting of graduated again purely sales rose and attacked the elite top ten, but the final uprights added two more criminal circles and, finally, it was the 16ththe place.

In the final standings closed the thirtieth best what the Sloveniek last category of women able Season 2002/2003 Martin Halinárová who then ended the twenty-sixth and Soňa Mihoková was on two screens behind her on the 28th position . The ratings race with a mass start finished thirteenth. After six years as again it figures among the top mark SVK. Since the season for lengthy processing Slovak citizenship came to the end of December, this is an excellent result which gives it great prospects for the future.

Results – women’s race on the 12.5 km mass start:

The first Simone Hauswaldová (Nem.) 36: 54.6 min (1 penalty circuit) 2.Helena Jonssonová (Swe.) + 15.1 s (0), 3. Andrea Henkel (GER.) +26.9 (3), 4. Darya Domracheva (Bielorus.) +46.1 (2), 5. Val r Semerenko (Ukr.) + 1: 01,4 (2), 6 Kati Wilhelmová (Nem.) +1: 20.3 (2), 7 Medvedcevová Olga (Rus.) +1: 25.4 (3) 8. Oľga Zajcevová (RUS.) +1: 30.7 (4), 9 Bulyginová Anna (Rus.) +1: 43.0 (4), 10, Anna Carin Olofsson-Žideková (Nor.) +1 : 44.4 (4),…16 Anastasia Kuzminová (SR) +2: 36.3 (5)

the final ranking in the World Cup 2008/2009:

first Helena Jonssonová (Swe.) 952 points 2. Kati Wilhelmová (Nem.) 952, 3. Tora Bergerová (NOR.) 894, 4. Magdalena Neunerová (Nem.) 891, 5. Andrea Henkel (GER.) 838, 6 . Oľga Zajcevová (RUS.) 834, 7thDarya Domracheva (Bielorus.) 776, 8. Martina Becková (Nem.) 686, 9. Simone Hauswaldová (Nem.) 677, 10. Anna Carin Olofsson-Žideková (Swe.)…30. Anastasia Kuzminová 290, 86. Ľubomíra Kalinová 10, 90. Martina Halinárová

the final position in the ratings race with a mass start (small Crystal globe):

the first Helena Jonssonová (Swe.) 210 points 2. Kati Wilhelmová (Nem.) 186, 3 Simone Hauswaldová (Nem.) 174, 4. Oľga Zajcevová (RUS.) 162, 5.Andrea Henkel (GER.) 157, 6 . Tora Bergerová (NOR.) 146 7 Darya Domracheva (Bielorus.) 146, 8 Magdalena Neunerová (Nem.) 146, 9, Kaisa Makarainen (FIN.) 140, 10 Medvedcevová Olga (Rus.) 140. .. 13thAnastasia Kuzminová (SR) 115