Cíger’s criticism of hockey: To train Slovan by limousine and pressure of parents on coaches

BRATISLAVA – After the unsuccessful show of Slovak hockey players at the Sochi Olympics, the hockey under the Tatra is again discussed and a new reboot. The future is not pink. Players in the NHL are getting less and less, the world’s top is in balance, and the upbringing of the new Hoss or the Khar is also not ideal. It is from the results of work with youth that further years of Slovak hockey will be developed.

It is also understood by Zdeno Cíger, who successfully runs his own ice hockey academy. The former striker of New Jersey Devils, Edmonton Oilers, New York Rangers, and Tampa Bay Lightening pointed out the differences between the promising talents: “Children want to play, that’s important, for example, in Slovan where the boy on a limousine and pushing him.More wanted parents who also influenced the coaches, and that is the worst. In our country there is no room for such manners. “

Miroslav Miklošovič, a former assistant to a coach: “I do not say anything new, but we know that with the physical education children in our schools have a problem. Exercise goes sideways.

We try to motivate them with personal approach and the presence of Zdena. Children need patterns. “

Cíger sees weaknesses in Slovak hockey in general: ” I also worry that when we had good results, we are gold, and we have been unable to profit from it.”

Miklosovic expressed his concern about possible Slovak struggles to remain in the A-category: “It’s in danger. We have a big hole. Hossa et al. are older and we do not have a 28-29 year old top hockey player. “

But Cíger did not forgive the add-on: but the boys who played as a 17-year extralig and were not only in numbers, played and sold. Now it’s different. On the one hand, everyone in our country is surprised that it is great that young players are playing the highest competition and that we have a Slovakia 20 project. But we ask at the same time how many of them are and who play them.Hockey has a tradition in Slovakia, so do it so we do not get it. “