Fastavu Zlin sports fuels are got worried.

Fastavu Zlin soccer fuels end up being got worried. All 5 go with have not been injured but within In Sunday’s surface in the 19th round they got rid of in order to Karvina 0: 1. January Kalabiška rating the one aim in the 52nd small.

Zlín, without worrying about two Hnaníčko and Matejov base players, did not finish their own racket inside Karvina. In opposition to the actively performing challenger, he had for you to target additional within the protective, but the domestic several assuring affair, mainly controlled simply by Wagner along with Kalabiska, would not.

Until finally 33rd.Minute home striker targeted at the perfect inside of Budinski’s target field, but Wagner’s subtitle involving goal parameters in front of the goal brand acrobatically stopped the defender Pazdera.

Karvina driven to the moment 50 %. Moravec scored 52 moment into the street Janeček as well as his mill center delivered by tiny limescale in order to network Kalabiska.

Mcdougal with the definitive trefs has prolonged taken about the grass, following wreck with Zivulič both persons said trembled through the lawn with soft Harms. Number coach Paník during the last 50 % time highlight the attacking and Beaugel, and the customers moved up the demand for as long as in one more ten instant joined the adversaries before Laštůvka’s gate.But the Karvine goalman with utmost confidence cracked the bullets, the hearts with the hesitations.

One hundred percentage in the invitee designed within the settings. Beaugel’s missile regarding passing Laštůvka, on the other hand, wiped out Šisler along with Zlín, regardless of the large territorial dominance at the conclusion from the 6th consecutive run away from the handle without having a success. Karviná wouldn’t get all 5 activity.

Household: 52.



Property: – Eismann (C), Kostal, Hošek, Jan Moravec – Janeček, Šisler – Kalabiška (65. Puchel), Panák (82. Duda), Budínský (90 + 2 Jovanovic) strong> Guests: S. Dostal – Pazder (66.Kopečný), Gajič, Jugas (C), Hubáček – Traoré – Štípek (46. Holík), Živulić, Janíček (60. Beauguel), V. Vukadinovič – Diop

> National : , Bačo