Fear was in Ninth in Sestriere, Shiffrin reigns in slalom

Skier Šárka Strachová did not reach the third slalom of the World Cup season on the podium, in Sestriere after the unsuccessful second round finished ninth. With a good lead of 1.09 seconds, American Mikaela Shiffrin has won, which has not been defeated since last February. Since then, she has won the eleventh slalom in the series she has entered. Today’s victory is her twenty-third career.

After the first lap, Shiffrin’s lead was only 12 cents, but in the final race from the start, she was raising her lead and was once again the fastest. Second place was occupied by Veronika Verze Zuzulová.The third ended with a man 1.21 seconds for Swiss winner Vendy Holdener, who moved on the podium from fifth place after the race.

Fearful the first lap did, at Shiffrinova she was manko 53th in sixth place, but Behind the podium was only 23 inches behind and could attack the medal. Her second ride was slower from the start, she had lost more than half a second in the first half, and she could not catch up in the lower flat, easy part. In the previous two slaloms in Levi and Killington, the former World Champion was seventh.

The second Czech skier on the start, Martina Dubovská, did not fight in the second round, in the 36th position she lost in the first round to Shiffrin 3,19 seconds. She was missing 41 weeks in progress.Kristoffersen won in Val d’Isère after the boycott

The best slalom of the last year of the World Cup Henrik Kristoffersen from Norway turned into Val D’Isere his first start in the season in the most sophisticated discipline in victory. The defending champion of the small globe defeated in the sum of two runs of 75 hundreds of the overall rank of SP Marcel Hirscher from Austria, the third finished by Rus Alexander Chorošilov with nearly two-second loss. Kryštof Krýzl failed first round and was classified as 47. Place. He lost more than ten seconds to the elite thirty, and did not repeat 15.Lewis from the opening slalom of the season.

Twenty-one Kristoffersen, due to disputes with the Norwegian Union on the sponsor, has dropped the November introductory slalom and has just gone through a giant variation. On Saturday in France, he finished third, the same position he had after the first run and the fastest time of the second round he made for his eleventh career triumph and tenth in slalom. After half race he could think of a weekend double Saturday winner Alexis Pinturault, but the home skier did not have the position of a leading leader and did not finish the second round. Hirscher got out of fourth in the silver position.Although he did not win the triumph of Levi, he repeated the result of all three of the previous giant slaloms.

SP in downhill skiing in Sestriere (Italy):

1. Shiffrinova 300, 2. Velez-Zuzulova 210, 3. Holdenerová 200, 4. Vlhová 141, 5. Lösethová 127, 6. Strachová 101.

Running sequence (after 9 races): 1. Shiffrinová 498, 2. Gutova (Switzerland) 393, 3. Goggia (It.) 347, 4. Štuhecová (Slovin.) 245, 5. Worley (Fr.) 240, 6. Holdenerová 239,…18. Strahová 101, 55. Ledecká (CZ) 29.

Running in the ski slopes in Val d’Isere (France):

284, 3. Kristoffersen 224, 3. Jansrud (Nor.) 200, 5. Neureuther (Germany) 175, 6. Faivre (Fr.) 158,… 68. Kryzl 16 .