Holoubek: I did not believe in the progress. But then the coach changed

Sparta’s temporary coach David Holoubek led his team to Southampton with a 1-0 win over their fourth European Championship victory and progress to the retirement portion of the competition. The young coach surprised himself, the success in the group with Intero Milan and Hapoel Beer Sheva did not believe after the initial defeat in England.

In contrast to the first duel in which Sparta under Zdeněk Ščasný lost 0: 3, Southampton This time Holoubek’s superiors, as in other matches in the group, matured with disciplined tactical performance. “We have prepared very well for the Southampton game.Although it may have been a lot of defensive, “ evaluated the progress of the Holoubek victory.

The outcome of the match was decided by Costy Defender goal after the standard situation in the introduction. ” It was the standard we were They spoke at a press conference yesterday. It was fantastic, I was happy, “said Holoubek.” But after the opening match against Southampton, I did not believe we would move from the group, “he admitted. I> “But we got points after Inter Milan and Hapoel Beer Sheva.And today I saw the boys want to win or at least draw and go, “added the Spartan coach.

In failure in Southampton, Sparta was led by Zdeněk Ščasný, whose 36-year-old coach subsequently replaced. > “The coach has changed,” Holoubek replied to the question as he explained that after the initial defeat, Sparta began to collect points. “We have worked on defensive tactics.

We knew we had a few healthy players, we rebounded from basics, from defense. We know that we are not doing that much in the first place, but that we are performing high-quality performances backwards, “he wrote, describing Sparta’s progress, and Holoubek’s stormy ovation of Spartan supporters.” It’s a nice feeling that everyone would enjoy.But I realize that all of this glory is grueling, “said Holoubek, who was enjoying the victory with a glamorous celebration. ” It was the last home game in the group, so I went to enjoy the fans. But I can take it even more, “he added with a smile.

The four-time European Championship without a defeat was also a coaching school for the Holoubka. ” After Inter, I was overwhelmed, but over time One believes more. It becomes stronger in the cramps. And the players are being transferred. I’m collecting experience and I like it, “ said.

” Now of course I enjoy it, but I’m a realist. This bar is difficult to keep, “added Holoubek.