In the New Year’s Eve derby, Sparta were celebrated, Slavia defeated for three years

Milan Fukal and Ivo Ulich were the best players. Slavia, on the other hand, won the match of veterans over 45 years, in which she beat Sparta 4: 3. Sparta has long failed in derby internationals, she won only twice in the previous 12 years. This time, however, dominated the artificial grass in Eden. Although Slavia was a nice shot, he was soon led by a newcomer to the derby Lukáš Jarolím, but Libor Sionko was soon compared and Letenske sent Radim Holub immediately.

Sparta was significantly more active, even though several gunmen, including Vratislav Loktence, Horst Siegla or Jan Koller.However, Marek Kincl, who was very visible on the pitch and still jumped with Michal Pospíšil to 4: 1.

And when Milan Fukal scored a 5th goal after a change, he was not the winner Derby doubts. Pavel Kuka even dropped, but Kincl soon got to Zion and he decided with his second goal in the match. Slavia just cosmetically adjusted the result from a penalty for three corners Tomáš Kuchař.

“Today we are satisfied, but it is more important for us to play well than the final result. The main thing is to have fun with us and the audience. And that was true today. Beautiful goals fell, “said former Sparta captain Jiří Novotny. “We have won, but Slavia still has a much better balance.Today, we decided to change our chances. There was a difference between the two teams, “he said. Sparta and Slavia have repaid last week’s defeat from the final of the Christmas Hall Tournament in which similar sets appeared. Slavia, however, had the support of Patrik Berger and Vladimír Šmicer, who apologized for the derby.

“This year we did not play as Sparta and we were just three goals worse. We did not do well with our chances, while Sparta took advantage of almost everyone and was better, “Kuka admitted. “It is good that Sparta won to keep her fans away.It has earned it today, “added former gunman Slavie. Derby also brought out the riots of fans who used the pyrotechnics and at the end a group of adherents of the two units broke up and interfered with the police. “Nothing so terrible was that, even these negative things to football just belong and they just do not go away,” Kuka added.