Jana and Dana Velďáková at the Elán meeting without a limit on the hall ME

BRATISLAVA – At the 12th year of the international indoor athletic meeting, Elán, in the same Bratislava hall, has not added any more to the two previous Slovak limitations on the March Hall of the European Championship in Göteborg (highs Matúš Bubeník and Michal Kabelka). Even though Jana Vel’akova (VŠC Dukla B. Bystrica), in the first season in the winter season, she won 623 cm from the first series of attempts, but it was 27 cm from the limit. During the contest, she jumped to a smooth sixties, where she finished in the first series with a total of third time of 7.69.

“It’s nothing extra, but because of my lack of speed, it’s over expectations,” said the coach of Radoslav Dubovsky. “I did not feel I was running at all.Without speed, ver can not jump far. Already in the gym I felt it was not it. Both the sixty-sixty-seven and seven-seven times indicate where my main problem is.

Dubovsky coach also agreed: “Just the speed is what John got to use. “

This time limit was also the strength of the double bronze medalist from HME (2009, 2011) of Dana Velďakova’s three-handed jersey. Instead of 13.95 meters, it was 30 centimeters less on her name, but it was enough to win. “It was pretty good today, but it did not obey the technique.The trainer warned me that he was on the tenth day after returning from a challenging Spale competition, so he can burn it all – from 14.20 m to a performance that does not mean to meet the limit. Unfortunately, there was a second chance. I was waiting for at least 13,80 m, “said the Slovak Triple Hockey Recorder. The Dubovský trainer noted that under the weaker performance could be signed the cold in the hall and long waiting for the race, which lasted only 32 minutes.

sharp “start of the season did not come as expected, nor the obstacle at 60 m Viliam Papsa (VŠC Dukla B. Bystrica), who finished third in 8.01 and in the second even even fourth time by 2 hundredth worse. 7.78) was far away.Over the hurdles dominated the main favorite, the finalist of the MS 2008 and Hall 2007 ME in Scotland Allan Scott (7.87 and 7.86).

“I’m disappointed, at the level of 7.90, “ said Papso after the race. “I’m not running yet, I started sleeping at the start, and I felt I was running smoothly, but the coach Kováč had a different opinion – I had a convulsion, I believe I will meet the limit, I still have a fair amount of time. The ME ME are the main goal for me, and the weaker B-limit on the summer MS in Moscow 13,50 is too hard for Europeans. “

Paphos coach Igor Kovac: > “Of course, I’d prefer if Vilo behaved at least a tenth faster, but I do not drown.It takes time, it has to fit in everything – like a car engine that works perfectly when tuned. “

The only record of the meeting and the Elan Hall took care of 22-year-old Elif Yildirim, runner-up for 400 m in time, 53.45 seconds, from the previous best performance of Romania, Morosan skipped 8 hundredths, Slovaks: Dubnicka Lucia Slanickova in Prague reached the second best time (55.58) and Paula Habovshtiakova third place (55,70), which also ranked 7th place in Slovakian history tables.

Tomáš Benko (2nd in the 1st series and 3rd in the second series) run for 60 m 7,00), Jaroslav Szabo for 1500 m (3: 54,69), Jana Velďakova for 60 m (3rd in I and II.series for 7.69 and 7.70), Lucia Janečková for 1500 m (4: 44.41) and Lucia Mokrášová for 60 m. (3. in the I and II series for 8.82 and 8.80).

At the meeting of Elán, over which the Minister of Education Dušan Čaplovič received the patronage, more than 250 athletes from 17 countries . “Excellent meeting, thank you for inviting us,” was in love with the head of the event, Imrich Ozorak, the head of the English expedition.

-size: 12px; “> MEN
60 m – 1st Series: 1. Trouw (JAR) 6.89 2. T. Benko , 00, 3. Stromšík (Czech Republic) 7.04, II. Series: 1. Swaray (V. Brit.) 6.76, 2. Trouw (JAR) 6.91, 3. T. Benko (Slávia STU) 6.96
400 m:
Ružič (Chor.) 47.67, 2. Rodgers (V.Brit.) 47,79, 3. Bekrič (Srb.) 48,31,…10. Privalinec (ŠK ŠOG Nitra) 51,75
800 m:
1. Learmonth (V. Brit.) 1: 50.21, 2. Kojič (Serbia) 1: 51.63, 3. Bowness : Warrenton (V. Brit.) 3: 49,72, 2 hurdles. – 1st Series: 1. A. Scott (V. Brit.) 7,87, 2. Furer (CHI) 7,91, 3. Papso (University Dukla) 8,01, II. series: 1. A. Scott (V. Brit.) 7,86, 2. Furer (Switzerland) 7,93, 3. Prazak (Rak.) 7,95, 4. Papso (Dukla University) 8,03 < / span>
longitude: 1. Kolesnikov (Rus.) 781, 2. Reid (V. Brit.) 749, 3. Golovin (Russia) 738