Košice had a triumph in Zilina, and Hylak finally eliminated the penalty shot

ŽILINA – Košice was more active and creative in the first third. Nagy after an individual penetration of Laco’s troubles did not bother, in a few seconds after the bad match of the home did not close close or Bicek. Nagy, who played in front of Laca in the 6th minute, was the biggest offensive, but he finished only in his crash.

The home binds the game, the guests are already in the middle. After one of these situations, Bartos shot, but he did not find a recipe for the Zilina goalkeeper. After 13 minutes, an incisive pass through the middle gave Spilar a chance to take the lead with a truly marvelous free kick.Domáci výrazněji vyhrožovali až do konce hry během hry, ale Hylák zlikvidoval všechny nebezpečné pokusy.

. Pašek went to Laca, but he missed his gate. On the opposite side, Buc found Clouda, who also headed next. The co-operation of these two players brought the opening goal of the game – 25 minutes later Buc came from the gate to the Kloud and the first defeated Hylák. While in the opening game they played almost without exclusion, in the midst the judges began entering the game more prominently. They were sent to the penalty bench for four minutes before, and Spilar ran to Strbak’s shot and settled.Later on, players played the game twice more, but Laco kept his team more than ever.

In the third third, tactical hockey was played on both sides and everything could decide on a single occasion. The ideal option was at the very beginning of Sojčík, but his shot stopped the right hand. In the next round, it was played without any bigger chances. Košice had the advantage of a two-player squad for 80 seconds, but the Žilinci defended themselves. 54 minutes into the match, the home side failed to overplay Spilara, who pushed him in front of Laca and sent a puck to the net after a bum. Žilina could have control over two great advantages, and even two players in the last minute. In it, one of Košice’s defenders deliberately shifted the gate, but Hylák liquidated the penalty shootout.

MsHK DOXXbet Žilina – HC Košice 1: 2 (0: 0, 1: 1, 0: 1) > Goals: 25. Klouda (D. best betting site offers Buc, I. Rúfus) – 30. Spilar (Štrbák, R. Jenčík), 54. Spilar (P. Bartoš)
Shots: 7: 8 for 2 min, (Zilina) 10 min personal punishment, power plays: 1: 1, weaknesses: 0: 0, decided by: Orolín – Gajan, Smrek 1116 spectators Žilina: M. Laco – Ostrčil, Bajanik, Rúfus, Marcel Šterbák, Dlouhý, Leško, A. Lipovský, Hriňa – I. Dornič, Kalla, F. Novak – T. Varga, Klouda, D. Buc – Macejka, Linet, Drevenak – Jarab, Valasek, Kropac

Košice: Hylak – Cebák, Štrbák, M. Novák, Šeda, Deyl, Macejko, Martin Chovan – R. Jenčík, Pašek, L. Nagy – Bicek, T.

Marcinko , Sojcik – Spilar, P. Bartos, Matis – R.Konečný, Češík, Hrnka

Jan Neliba (coach of Žilina): “I’m sorry we did not get a point, but Košice betting account offers have unmatched quality in every position. we did not put them under more pressure If we were a little bit more fortunate we could get at least a point Unfortunately, luck was on the side of the opponent but it is also hockey, but also to recognize the quality of the Košíc congratulations for the victory. “

Anton Tomko (Coach Coach): “Today it was a very fought match, and Zilina proved why she took away points from Trenčín, she was responsible and organized. still pushing, yet he went into the lead of the opponent.Great credit for the small difference in the score was goalkeeper Laco, who solved several goals. We wanted to play offensive hockey, Zilina focused on the middle band and we were hard pressed. The conclusion was hectic, but our players did it. “

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