Mancus inspired compatriot Nyman

VAL D’ISERE – American Julia Mancus won yesterday the first of two pre-Christmas Alpine World Cup runs in Val d’Isere, France, on the “Oke” track.

In replacement races canceled in St. Moritzi, a 22-year-old Olympic winner of the giant slalom, has celebrated its first ever career triumph. The second was finished by Rakúšanka Götschlová, third Kildow.

The ride remains the only discipline in which Austrian women have not yet won this winter.

The competition interrupted the heavy fall sporting bet of Italy’s Nadia Fanchini.She did not manage to jump, and after a steep slide down her head she landed in protective barriers, and after her first aid her rescuers lifted off the slope along the track on the sledgehamps.

“Wrist fracture in two places,” says the Italian federation’s statement on the current state of health of the hopeful slumber, and Nadina’s older sister Elena, who was already in the target and did not hurt, I’m sorry.

Despite the Olympic gold and two medals at the World Cup, Mancus never won the SP until now, but her success in the classical center is not unexpected, but she is exceptionally rare.The winning prime minister came three days after he coached the same spot at the traditional SP venue in Val Gardena, compatriot Steve Nyman.

A man with whom he had been a friend of his time, but whom he had taken over in the summer in the Hawaiian Islands.

Mancus did not forget about it at the end: “Well, I have to say that this ride has gone a long way, and I was nervous about it. On the track, fortunately, everything came out, I had no hesitation. I am grateful to Steve, I’m grateful to him because he started me. “(Tasr, sita)

Results SP

: Mancus (USA) 1: 38.93) 2. Götschlová (Austria) +0.43 s, 3. C. Kildowová (USA) +0.54, 4. Pärsonova (Swe.) +0.65, 5. Jacquemodová (Fr.) +1.52, 6. Meissnitzer (AUT) +1.67, 7.Vanderbeek (CAN) +1.68, 8. Recchi (+1.83).

Ranking SP (after 9 competitions): 1. Hospo (Austria) 421 b. 2. Götschlová 391 3. Schildova 377 4. Kildow 335 5. Kathrin Zettel (3): 1. Kildowová 240, 2. Götschlová 175, 3. Rieschová (Nem.) 132, 4. Mancusová 126.

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