Örebro Tlieska’s brother from Spiš. The Swedes are in Hudashow

BRATISLAVA. Julius picked up the match with zero and Libor put the fourth goal in the Luley net. Bratia Hudacek in Örebra jersey on Saturday’s Swedish Hockey League (SEL).

Satisfied viewers have met the traditional Hudashow in the hall. He captured all 22 strikes

Örebro won the third game behind. In the fourteen-member league, after six rounds with twelve points in fifth place. Július Hudáček on Saturday eliminated all twenty-two attacks of the visiting team. Even after the victory over Lulea, the audience met the traditional Hudashow.

The first time this season has earned the title of Mr. Zero.The toughest moments survived in the first third in a five-minute game in defeat after a heavy foul defending Johan Motin at the mantinel, after which the striker Luley Christopher Mastomäki brought out of ice on the rails.

Domestic shooters were much more efficient, goalkeeper goalkeeper Daniel Larsson overcame four times. Five minutes before the end, Libor Hudacek opened a shooting account in the Swedish League.

From the left circle he fired from the first defeat of defender Viktor Ekboma and shot Larsson’s upper lead. //

Verify your back hit super! Julo picked up zero and Libor scored his first gl at SHL;) rebro 4: 0 Lulea…spiraling out and Liborov gl here: http://orebrohockey.se/artikel/70134/;) Posted by Libor Hudáček on 3.October 2015

The team from the 130-thousand city in central Sweden has been successful in the new season and has been directed to play off. Hockey is the sport number one, the five-thousand-dollar Behrn arena is regularly sold out. A great goalkeeper and a shouder

“Kent Johansson, who knows me from Gothenburg, wanted to go to Örebre in summer 2014,” he said to the SME in the first year of his performance in the club Július Hudáček.

“I made the right move. We have a good team, we’re trying to play offensive hockey.

“Julius Hudacek adds” team selfie “to his post-win celebration repertoire #HudaShow – http://t.co/2asCxyDkM1 pic.twitter.com/3bTKIjt49m – Sean Leahy (@Sean_Leahy ) October 4, 2015

Örebro is the third Swedish stop for the native of Spišská Nová Ves.Previously, he took a year in Södertälje, then in Gothenburg. Slovak goalkeeper announced last season as the most useful hockey player in the Swedish League.

He also became the best goalkeeper. “Julo is a best online betting sites offers great goalie and a big shoumen,” said Martin Johansson, a twenty-seven-year-old teammate.

Bratia Hudáčkovci played in the team of Slovakia in this year’s World Cup and after the championship, Libor Wing got the offer to move to Örebra. In the past three seasons he played for the Slovan in KHL.

In a new environment Libor can use his two-year-old brother’s advice. Besides the Slovak pair, the Czech trio Jakub Krejcik, Lukáš Vopelka and Jakub Petružálek are also in the team.Selfie with the team and the spectators

The Örebra fans have become accustomed to the funky pieces of the Hudáček goalkeeper. Still outfitted in the equipment, it shows up on the ice and shows the various situations of life for the audience’s applause.

He was a fisherman when sitting on a stool sitting on the stool, skiing on the tracks, juggling with balls, riding on a rollercoaster and on a motorbike. This season he played with a glass of beer in the hand of a guest of the Munich Oktoberfest.Július Hudáček also played a guest of the Munich Oktoberfest.

On Saturday, he called on all the teammates to make a joint photo of them with their viewers and viewers. “I have the best moments in my club career,” Július Hudáček said in an interview with Örebra.

“We’re playing hockey for people, and I’m glad they’re out of our arena. The post-pastime fun with them gives me new energy. “

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