Piestany played excellent, the Koscians acknowledged the sweep

Piestany. It was not long before the Piešťany hockey players were a strong and defiant rival for the Slovak Slovak champion HC Košice.

Although the quarterfinal playoff series of extraliges has finally not developed for their benefit, they may not be ashamed to offer the wrestling performances they offer. The master had to reach the bottom of his forces to move at all. According to Rastislav Konečný striker, Piestany was a terrible pigeon for a better result. They thought they were going to kick off Košice

Piešťany did not get the last two duels of the series in which Košiceam was 2: 2 more than a balanced opponent. First they defeated debakel 0: 7 and then did not shoot at home. Losses 0: 3 and a total of 2: 4 matches.After two fourth places in recent years, they had to meet this eighth place.

“After the fifth match in Košice, we started to think we could really get rid of them, and that was a mistake, and we dropped the little things we had done before, we could not return the series to Kosice, which we are sorry about Especially because of the great fans, the seventh match would have been open, Hylak captured them super and, unfortunately, we did not make it, “said Rastislav Konečný after the meeting.

The Outsider from Piešťan has suffered a basketball favorite, much more than expected. He made two victories and was far from surprising. But the breakthrough occurred in the last series of duels.The goalkeeper has recalled in the middle of a third

“Nobody would have said before the series that we have the chance to win two matches. When looking at it back, two in this case is not more than just one winner In the opening four meetings we have proved that we can play with a topfavorit such as Košice, and we have two more words, “said Konečný.

The last hope for the reversal of the Tuesday’s duel as well as the entire series was to be a five-minute game against Petra Bartoš’s nine minutes before the end.

Home coach Leo Gudas chose an unconventional move by relegating Martin Šúrek and 0: 2 to play the sixth skateboard.However, Radovan Bondra increased to 0: 3 in the empty goal.

Trainer Gudas added: “I had this ready for you if we were to lose and we needed to get a quick contact goal. It did not happen to us, it’s a coincidence, but such decisions are hockey. ” Oremus: Piešťany played excellently

Peter Oremus, the coach of the rival, did not save the match for the Piešťany performance after the sixth duel. He has been delighted since joining a team from the twelve-stage winning series, but the smaller crisis has reached the Koscians in the least suitable time.

“The Piešťany series was very good, we were happy for the game, we had a lot of strength, and we had to play responsibly because the opponent played very well and was very resentful.Victory and progress we value. Piešťany played excellent hockey, “he did not praise Oremus Bartoš set off his rival with three teeth Peter Bartoš was one of the most important players in the basketball team, and his experienced assailant touched him especially in the key fifth duel in the Steel Arena when under triumph 7 : 0 he signed with Hetrikom and added three assists to the three goals and with six points he became the third most productive player in the squad.

“They had nothing to lose. The headlines from the previous matches have always been canceled and started from the beginning. We did not manage the first match at home and allowed them to catch. We were hoping for hope and knowing that we were not fine.But it is important that our team finally managed, “said a 41-year-old wanderer. However, he will not mention the best at the end of the series, just like Tomáš Brňák. Unfortunately hit Piešťany’s ass in his face, and he came up with three teeth and immediately after the match had to undergo a broken jaw operation in Trnava.

“I’m sorry I did not want to play it with a stick in my face. There was a foul there, cutting, and his face hurt him in his face. I’m sorry there was no intention, “said an experienced attacker.