The jumpers start with the Four Jump Tours. Three Czechs advanced from the qualification

Czech jumping skis have been half-successful in qualifying for the first race of the Four Jumping Tours in Oberstdorf. Friday’s tournament was led by Jakub Janda, Roman Koudelka and Vojtěch Štursa. Tomáš Vančura, Lukáš Hlava and Jan Matura were eliminated. Qualification won by Nor Daniel-André Tande 139 meters long.

The best of the Czechs was unexpectedly Janda in twelfth position, the qualification, on the contrary, was unsuccessful for the current team leader Šturs, who was not fortunate for the conditions and the wind ” To 120.5 meters and 38. place. Koudelka was ranked 27th.

Thirty-eight-year-old Janda, who won the 2006 Tournament, showed one of his best jumps in the season and 132.5 meters, giving him the third place finish without an automatically qualified elite tens of jumpers in the World Cup ranking. His opponent in the first retirement round of Friday’s race will be the home-jumping Pius Paschke.

Koudelka jumped 128 meters and in the fight to advance to the second round he will meet another German opponent Andreas Wanka on Friday. Štursa will also compete in Germany on the first round with Andreas Wellinger at the tournament premiere.

Vancura has reached a distance of 119.5 meters, which means 53rd position and the end of the chances for progress. He needed three more points for that.He was just behind the finish line in the Head Title (119m).

Thirty-five-year-old Matura, who has two World Cup victories and four podiums, is out of shape and has not been doing this season. The same will be the case in Oberstdorf, where he was from the Czech sixth worst on the 57th place for a 115m long jump.

1. Tande (Nor.) 157.5 b. (139 m), 2. Stoch (Pol.) 154.1 (137.5), 3. Kraft 151.1 (136), 4. Fettner , 3 (136), 5. Kot (Pol.) 146.2 (133), 6. Eisenbichler (Germany) 146.1 (137), …12. Janda 143.0 (132), 27. Koudelka 132.2 (128), 38. Štursa 123.7 (120.5), 53. Vančura 112.7 (119.5), 54. Title 112.2 (119) ), 57. Matura (all of the Czech Republic) 106.3 (115).

Janda – Paschke, Koudelka – Wank, Štursa – Wellinger (German).