The Lakers seized against the Leader from Oklahoma, Boston dodged Miami

NEW YORK – Losing 27-point lead and Rajon Ronda’s key midfielder against Atlanta almost derailed basketball Boston on Sunday’s NBA match against Master Miami. The Celtics played as one man, doped 24 assists, the champion pushed to 20 losers and managed two extensions, after which they raised their hands over the heads celebrating the 100: 98 victory.

Rondo, with a torn front cross-link in his right knee, has all checked at least the look, the captain Paul Pierce’s triple-double missed. “It is terrible what happened to Rondo and Boston. our clubs are big, but I never want to see anyone fall in. It suffers not only that but also the whole league, “ Leader Miami LeBron James confirmed.The Celtics Doc Rivers trainer does not climb a stick above his team, which still holds in the opening half of the base section in progressive play-off eight. “You can start writing a non-rookie, but I do not, but we are winning now, so we will fight further.”

Kobe Bryant redefined his creative capabilities before the shooting and the Los Angeles Lakers made the second victory behind them, nineteen overall. The Californians counseled the extra-hard Oklahoma 105: 96, and while their 34-year-old 21-point leader was the best shot, he added 14 assists in particular and jumped 9 feet. “Everything starts with Kobem, he does not push himself into the heavy end, he plays the ball and plays perfectly in the defense.”

On Sunday, Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks, on Sunday, turned 9 trials from behind the trident arc. (Los Angeles Lakers – Oklahoma City) 105: 96 (27:23, 25:30, 23: 96) 22, 30:21) Most points: Bryant 21 (14 assists), Nash 17, P. Gasol 16 – Durant 35, Westbrook 17 (13 assists), Ibaka and Perkins 10

New York – Atlanta 106: 104 (27:25, 25:27, 30:22, 24:30)

Most points: Redick 31 (8 trojans), Nelson and E. Moore after 18 – Knight 31 (5 trio), Monroe 17, Villanueva 12 Dallas – Phoenix 110: 95 (29:21, 28:21, 24:30, 29:23)

Los Angeles Clippers – Portland 96:83 : 27, 22:23, 23:12, 18:21) Most Points: Griffin 23, C. Butler 12, Bledsoe 10 – Aldridge 21, Lillard 16, Hickson 15