Vajda: Djokovic did not give Federer a chance to stay on top

“I’m looking forward to this event, and it’s incredible that this has come best online betting offers out and Novak is coming to Slovakia two days after the Masters Cup, which will be a fantastic experience,” said Marián Vajda of London after Djokovic finished in the finals Roger Federer 7: 6 (6), 7: 5.

Twenty-five-year-old Belgrade player played in the first part 0: 3, in the second he turned away two tenths in succession in the tenth gem. Vajda: I first believed I was

“I assumed that three sets would be played, and it was almost fulfilled, but for the first time I was sure that Novak could handle two. Federer would have succeeded in that initial stage, it would be a little harder.Roger started excellent, but Novak stayed in contact, did not let him go much, “said Vajda.

” The second set brought enormous changes, although best betting site offers the level was not so high. ‘Noole ‘at that stage. However, in the 4: 5 and 15:40 way he played courageously, finally settled to 5: 5 and thus relaxed, “said 47-year-old native of Považská Bystrica Marián Vajda.

Djokovic in January 3rd Once in a career he was triumphant at the Melbourne Australian Open, but in the meantime he did not get another grandslam trophy and after Wimbledon lost his position as the leader of the rebranding.

Before Federer came back a week ago, “He made all the voices…” Player rating M.Vajda added: “He defended the post of the end-of-war unit, which is usually harder, so I would say that he had a stronger season than last year, and he started it wonderfully and finished it, with the perfect handling of both Beijing and Shanghai basically giving Federer a chance To keep on top, but that does not change the fact that the London final was very, very prestigious. ” The winner of the two ATP tournaments at the Vajda doubles (Prague 1987, Geneva 1988) will appear on the 14th of November in Aegon Arena NTC on the court as well.At the side of his team, he will face Martin Klizan and Dominik Hrbatý in the quad.

Collaboration with Djokovic was followed by Roland Garros 2006 and the Slovak coach brought Srba to all of his previous 34 titles, five of them at the big square and two at the ATP World Tour Finals (and Shanghai 2008).

Djokovic also holds the Beijing 2008 bronze medal and was the main engine for the success of the Davis Cup 2010 national team. He has just begun in Bratislava in September 2008, overtook Dominique Hrbatý, then was third in renking .

For Father Djokovic after the match said he was inspired by the father Srdjan, who is fighting a serious illness, in the final double.He was missing that point of view this time.

“It has been a very long year, even a very long two years, but it has been very successful,” said a grandslam champion five times, ending a calendar year on a world-class post in the second season. During this year he won 75 games.

“I really did not know how I should go on in an incredible year of 2011. I did believe that I would take this season when I play my best tennis career, and I have a fantastic year in which I faced demanding On and off the courts, especially in front of the Championship Tournament, my father fought in his own health game, and that gave me extra energy.I wanted to play for him. “

Djokovic’s father has serious health problems with breathing and the tennis player has been watching his status through telephone interviews for the last eight days.

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